Welcome to Clear English Editing Services

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Clear English is an editing, language-consulting, and online tutoring service. We specialize in helping non-native speakers of English express themselves in clear, accurate, and natural English. We will help you communicate in English effectively and with credibility.

Say what you mean.

“I know what I want to say, but I just don’t know how to say it in English!”

Sound familiar?

Even if you’ve studied English for a long time, sometimes the words just don’t come out right. Your first language, the writing style of your culture, or simply a lack of English vocabulary might be preventing you from expressing yourself smoothly. We make sure you say what you mean in clear English.

Say it correctly.

Does the menu say, “Fresh juice” or “Flesh juice”? Is the sign, “man-eating shark” or “man eating shark”?

Mistakes in grammar and punctuation can be funny, but they weaken your credibility.

There’s nothing funny about clients, customers, students, or professors losing respect for your work due to simple mistakes. Maintain your credibility, telefoonhoesjes and their respect, with accurate English.

Say it so everyone understands.

Perhaps you learned English from teachers who didn’t speak it much in class. You may have studied a lot of grammar, but rarely expressed yourself in English.

Your English may be grammatically correct, but could sound out-of-date, awkward, rude, or even too polite to native speakers!

We will ensure that you express your ideas appropriately for any situation with natural English.