Editing Services

Editing Services

Academic Writing

Whether you’re writing a Master’s thesis or a PhD dissertation, Clear English can help you with your academic writing. We cannot write your paper for you, but we can help you say what you mean and present it in standard academic format. You do the research, cite the sources, and write the paper with your ideas. We make sure your professor can read it without getting a headache.

Technical Writing

Clear English can check your documents to ensure that they are free of mistakes and communicate effectively. We can help you with annual reports, documents, e-mail, letters, manuals, menus, website text and much more!

Sales & Marketing

Sales a little sluggish? Refresh the English in your marketing materials with Clear English. Not only will we check the grammar, spelling, and punctuation, we’ll also make sure the linguistic subtleties and cultural nuances suit your audience. We can help you with brochures, product packaging, promotional materials, posters, signs, website text, whatever it takes!

How We Work

  1. Contact us with your request and your deadline. Send us your document or some sample pages.
  2. We will issue you an estimate. We generally work at a pace of 5~10 pages an hour (depending on the difficulty of the text) at a rate of $40 an hour.
  3. If you agree to the estimate, we will send you a letter of agreement and a request for a retainer of 50% of the estimate. As soon as we receive this initial payment, we begin the work for you.
  4. We will maintain contact with you via e-mail to ensure the project goes smoothly.
  5. Upon sending you the final document, we will invoice you for the balance of payment, payable within 30 days.
  6. We are happy to do any follow-up work needed in case you have questions or concerns about your project. We only want satisfied clients!

With Clear English, you CAN!