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Word Wise
Univ. of Ottawa: Adjectives
Connie Usher’s Adjectives
WritingDEN: Adjectives
Connie Usher’s Adverbs
Articles (a, an, & the)
British Council Grammar Games
English Works!
The Rensselaer Writing Cener: Article Usage
Essential English Grammar
Univ. of Ottawa: Clauses
Owl Online Writing Lab: Clauses
Virtual Language Centre: Clauses
General Grammar Resources
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Guide to Grammar and Style
Learning the Parts of Speech
English Club
Dave’s ESL Cafe: ESL Quiz Center
Univ. of Victoria English Language Centre: English Exercises Online English lessons & tests
Connie Usher’s Nouns
WritingDEN: Nouns
Owl Online Writing Lab: Plural Nouns
Univ. of Victoria English Language Centre: Irregular Plural Nouns
Connie Usher’s Prepositions
Connie Usher’s Pronouns
Univ. of Ottawa: Pronouns
Connie Usher’s Verbs
Univ. of Ottawa: Verbs
Owl Online Writing Lab: Verb Tenses
Literacy Education Online: Verb Tenses
Univ. of Ottawa: Verb Tenses
Voice (active/passive)
Owl Online Writing Lab: Active and Passive Voice
The Writing Center at CUNY
From The Lively Art of Writing
The Quality Writing Center